ABC 9.36 Code Compliance


We Provide Swift, Proficient and Affordable Code Reports for the ABC 9.36.

With NRCan registered Energy Advisors on staff, our team uses HOT2000 energy modelling software to quickly process the modelling with a short turnaround time.


Natural Resources Canada EnerGuide Rating System Label

We can also provide an EnerGuide labeled for the home. Upon completion of the house, a blower door test will be performed by a registered energy advisor and an ERS label will be issued for the house.


Benefits of an EnerGuide Label  

 · Air leakage verification (blower door testing)

A blower door test is performed by an ERS v15 registered energy advisor to determine the air tightness of your home and identify air leaks. 


·Certified NRCan EnerGuide label included for the home

Builders will receive a government-certified EnerGuide label that should be displayed at the house. This is a great selling feature to validate the home’s energy efficiency. The prospective homebuyers can now easily compare the energy efficiency ratings of their potential new homes. 


· Third-party verification of the home’s energy efficiency adds credibility

An Energy Advisor registered by NRCan now must conduct the modelling. This provides third-party verification of the energy efficiency of the building.


· Home owners may qualify for the CMHC mortgage insurance rebate

If you are a builder, then this process will make it easy for your customers to possibly qualify for the CMHC mortgage insurance rebate, which is an excellent selling feature!


9.36 Code Compliance with ERS V15

As of January 2018, the EnerGuide Rating System Version 15 (ERS v15) for “New Homes” certification is an acceptable path for 9.36 modelling compliance in Alberta. To download the STANDATA Code Variance, click this link.


This may be a great option for builders but comes with a caveat.

Using ERS alone for compliance carries the risk of not achieving the modelled air tightness and run the risk of non-compliance upon completion. It is prudent to complete the compliance report with traditional performance path modelling. Speak to one of our energy advisor to see which option may best be suited for your project.