Alberta Home Energy Plan

18 Oct
As of October 16, 2018 Energy Efficiency Alberta is offering financial rebates to eligible homeowners for energy efficient renovations. Here is how the program works:   The first step is to book an appointment with a registered Energy Advisor to...

Radon in your Home

18 Mar
Radon in your Home   If you live in a home with high radon levels or if you spend a lot of time in one, you are at higher risk for lung cancer. If you smoke and you live in a home with...

Electrical panel inspection

Home Inspections

17 Mar
 What is a home inspector and what is the inspector really looking for in a home inspection? A home inspector is a professional whose expertise is to perform a detailed inspection and written report of your home.  However, the inspector...

Sane energy and money

Save Money & Energy in Your Home

27 Feb
Here are some simple things homeowners can do to reduce their energy consumption. Of course, this will also require some behavior changes. Homeowners may also want to schedule an EnerGuide Home Evaluation by a registered Energy Advisor from NRCan for...