Radon Services

WestPro Inspections is certified by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) to provide Radon Measurement, Mitigation and Controlling Radon in New Canadian Homes.

Services Offered

DIY Radon Testing:

Do it yourself test is also available. Radon test devices can be purchased here by just clicking below.


Radon Measurement:

We offer both Short and long-term Radon testing by a C-NRPP certified measurement professional.

Radon Mitigation:

As a Radon Mitigation Professional – We interpret radon test results and if a mitigation system is required, we do further diagnostic testing, the design and installation of the radon mitigation systems. We will determine the most effective, affordable and visually appealing mitigation systems for your home.

Radon Mitigation Inspection:

As a (C-NRPP) Certified Mitigation Professional we offer inspection services and report all on site radon mitigation rough-in system and of existing systems where reports are required.

As a C-NRPP certified Controlling Radon in New Canadian Homes Installer (CNRCH) specifies, adapts, implements, configures, installs, inspects and maintains radon rough-in systems, including active-ready and passive systems without fans, that meet the performance and reliability needs of homeowners in Canada by incorporating quality craftsmanship and complying with all applicable codes, standards and safety requirements.”